• Margo Tester

Be careful what you wish

The Holidays have passed, I think, I never got my Christmas Tree up, didn't celebrate New Year's Eve, and now, Lent is fast approaching. I was so looking forwar to the end of 2020 and all its problems. The New Year brought a new hope for a better life.

As Thanksgiving approach, a week earlier, two of my grandchildren were i isolation from school ( thier luck the student they sat next to in schooll was Covid 19 positive.) That was two weeks homeschool. My grandson developed a couch and sore throat. Even though he tested negative, he doctors decided to treat it as a false negeative, another two weeks of Isolation. Then two weeks of Christmas Break and they can return to school on January 4... except Dad tested positive for Covid on Jan 3rd. Another 2 weeks of isolation. On Jan 12, mom tested positive for Covid 19, another 14 days of isolation the final straw was when grandma also tested positiveon the 15th. Kids have been quarenteen since Nov 14, 2020 and now won't br allowed back in school until Feb 1. On January 28th, I finally got out of quarenteen. Now a month into the new year and I can finally leave my house, go to the store and I am no longer tied down to homeschooling grandkids.

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